Saturday, June 20, 2009

Push the Button, Max

Crazies Among Us, Entry Tree

So, my mom got a cell phone and she was having all kinds of problems with it. She would call me, but then I couldn't call her back. She just could not get it to work.

She took it back and had the phone people look at it and she even exchanged it for a different one. We got her to make sure she had the ringer turned up high enough to hear, she called tech support a bunch of times, but nothing would work.

I even had her check her plan to make sure she didn't have one of those kid plans where you can only call certain numbers.

We tried everything.

So my mother-in-law was in the hospital, and he stopped by to see mom. He told her he would look at her cell phone to see if he could figure it out. She tells me that he couldn't get it to work either. After he left, he called me on his cell phone to tell me that he knew what was wrong with mom's phone.

He tried to call his cell phone and it worked fine, so he used his cell phone to call hers and it worked fine. So he told mom it was working and she said to let her see, and.....SHE TURNED THE POWER OFF!!!

Then she tried to call it and told him that she couldn't get it to work and she was going to take it back and get one somewhere else. He was too embarrassed to tell her what she was doing so I had to call her and tell her what the problem was. The phone will not ring if the power is off.

I wish you could have been here. I have not laughed so hard since you told us about gluing your pants to the table.

It was hilarious.

So, maybe not a crazy person. I'll leave that decision up to you.

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