Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crazy is the New Sexy

I’m not generally obsessed with celebrities. However, Johnny Depp…. Lord, I would drink that man’s bathwater. He’s got the exact look that makes my blood temperature rise; who chooses roles by how much he wants to do them, instead of what he thinks the box office take will be.


Another thing I quite like is Alice in Wonderland – heck, the dogchild, Bander, was named after the Bandersnatch from the Jabberwocky poem.

So in theory, the intersection of those two things should be delightful. Except that strangely, it looks like this:

This is my beloved J. Depp, in makeup as the Mad Hatter, for the new Alice movie by Mr. Crazy Pants Tim Burton. And I want to know what you think!

Yummy, once again.
Oh yeah, and he’s a great actor.

  • Johnny Depp can do anything. Pass me a glass of bathwater.
  • Tim Burton is a really really persuasive guy.
  • Don’t be ridiculous. That’s not JD, it’s Carrot Top on a Saturday night.
  • I can’t vote, the picture made me go blind.
  • Holy Crap!


The Bath Project said...

JD is so hot he makes my teeth sweat...I'm stealing that bathtub picture & making copies to put everywhere...its gonna be the new wallpaper in my shop ;o)

innerearthsoaps said...

Johnny Depp is droolworthy. And he just keeps getting better with age.

markjoy said...

Very attractive, but I respect his acting abilities much more. The epitome of coolness.

I love that colorful image, and even more so the images of Helena Bohnam Carter and Anne Hathaway as The Queen and Alice, respectively.

I'm very excited about the colorful and visually stunning upcoming movie. I wonder if it will be a musical?

Carapace said...

Man, that film is going to be gorgeous. I think Alice has been waiting a long time for the Tim Burton Team, and of course Depp has to be in it! That's part of the deal!
One of the reasons I really like him as an actor is because he's not afraid to look unsexy. Not that that will stop anyone. You watch; the Depp fangirls are going to totally squee over the Hatter before all this is over.:D

lalg said...

I thought it was Madonna! Truly!!

Ruth said...

Yummy? Indeed. Mad Hatter? Looks more like Cirque du Soleil to me. But of course, it's Tim Burton.


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