Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crazy Contest Continued

Are there really only 3 crazy people in the world? There are only five days left for June's entries. I know some of you wanna play, but are a little shy. It's o.k. - you'll be anon-knee-mouse, even if you win, we can change your name to protect your innocence.

Write a quick story! No need to be convoluted or complicated, we can add pictures and check your spelling for ya.
Send your stories to me via e-mail, to - we promise not to giggle at your email name.


Or is it that the prize isn't good enough? Is that what it is?

  • Can't write. Clowns'll eat me.
  • Can't write. Mimes are talking to me.
  • Can't write. My fingers are like bananas.
  • Can't write. Bananas will eat me.
  • Can't write. Union regulations.


Tracy said...

I will try and think of something, maybe I can squeak in before the month ends. I am not nearly and funny as you guys!

Magic Hands said...

We're doing contests for July and August, too - so you have plenty of time to think. :D


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