Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ahem, My Side of the Story

I know you are all wondering why I mentioned Helena Bonham Carter and then went mysteriously quiet on the topic. It has something to do with this posting from a favorite website, Go Fug Yourself:

As much as I think the shoes are wackadoo, I have to admit that my first thought was “dang, I bet those are comfortable”. I made the mistake of admitting that to Jesse, who, nutbag that he is, has completely overstated the case.

However, those FiveFingers are AWESOME and I want a pair right now.

And before he makes you think he’s not the crazy one, these are his favorite shoes right here:

Not only are they uncomfortable, technically speaking, THEY’RE NOT EVEN SHOES. THEY’RE SKEWERS YOU TAPE TO YOUR LEGS.

I rest my case.


sisterofmagichands said...

Ok - you are not going to believe this, but there are two teachers at Sonoma Heights who always wear the coil shoes. They both had back problems caused by the way they walked and one of them got these shoes. They worked so well that the other teacher got a pair. They both swear by them. You can turn the heel to adjust the way your feet turn when you walk and help your posture. One teacher has more of a tennis shoe looking version and the other teacher has tan Mary Jane looking ones. So Jessie - don't knock it! Jackier is most likely right. They probably are super comfortable, and apparently they ared good for you!! Nanenanenana!

Lionesse said...

Me and hubby both want the fivefingers. Im working it into the budget =)

Martha said...

Not that this is related, but Jesse's signature is spelled "Jessie." Is there something I'm missing? ;)

Magic Hands said...

I have the french maid outfit on today.


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