Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Perils of Liquid Soap

I get asked for this all the time. “Why don’t you make liquid soap or body wash? Pleeeeeease?”


I don't currently make liquid soap, because ... okay, here's the story. Liquid soap gets made differently than bar soap - the chemistry is different, and you *cook* the beast, generally using a crock pot. Now, unbeknownst to me, my crock pot is hotter than the average.

So, as the glop that will eventually make soap is cooking, it boils over. And, secretly and unseen, gets between the ceramic pot and the hot metal part, soaking the insulation and the wiring.

Of course, I want to clean up after myself. So I grab a wet sponge. I am now standing on a damp floor, holding a wet sponge, with my other hand resting on the edge of a stainless steel sink, and I HAVE NOT UNPLUGGED THE CROCKPOT because I am a fargin' moron.

As it turns out, soap is a dandy conductor of electricity.

I hadn't even touched the pot yet, when I felt the oddest tingle shoot up my arm and then my brain made a noise like a bugzapper, I swear to god it did. I leapt backwards, called my husband to unplug the pot, and went into the living room to sit down and make sure I hadn't forgotten second grade or anything like that. My arm started feeling normal within several days, so I figure I'm okay.

So, I'm probably risking certain death if I make it. And I could probably only charge about six or eight bucks. I have decided that my life is worth AT LEAST a ten spot.

Nope, don’t make liquid soap. Thanks for asking!


Armi said...

OMG, how horrible! Glad that you're okay after this. Maybe the crockpot was telling you that it didn't want to be used for soap, only food LOL!
And congrats BTW on the blog! It's fun reading about your experiences. :)

eeniemoni said...

hahaha, that's priceless.

Tracy said...

Heehee! I recall you telling me this story. I don't have any interest in making liquid soap either

cherie said...

So, how do I go about ordering this liquid soap? I don't see it on your site?

:innocent stare:

SouthPacificBody said...

Holy smokes!! <--- almost litterally!

Nicki Leigh said...

Oh my! This is why I just buy the premade bases if I feel like making body wash ;) Same with liquid soap and lotions. However, I generally work with solids as they are more fun for me ;)


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