Monday, October 13, 2008

Even Iller

I spoke too soon. My mom called earlier today and asked if we were anywhere near the fires. I said no.

I lied.

A new fire has broken out on Camp Pendleton. These pics were taken from my backyard, about an hour after the fire started. It was 100 acres then.

Now it’s roughly 1000 acres, split into two heads. My husband, Jesse, has been checking Google Earth, and he says the fire is about three miles away. That’s good news to me, because it looks like I could toast marshmallows if I had a slightly longer stick.

I probably won’t be headed to my day job tomorrow, because I’m going to sit up all night and make sure we know what to take when we evacuate this time.

The same thing we took LAST year.

October in San Diego bites.


Ginger's Garden said...

Please stay safe!
Irena aka soapbuddy

Armi said...

Hope you and your family are okay! I'll pray for you.


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