Friday, October 17, 2008

No dignity

So, my dog loves Halloween. He’s positive that everyone is coming around to see him, and that that candy doesn’t have a darn thing to do with it. Every year he sits at the front door and wags his fool butt off, getting head pats from all the kids. Adults are generally afraid they’re going to lose a hand, but kids aren’t scared of him at all.

So, after the first year, to keep from freaking out the Mommies, I started putting him in a costume. Last year it was a big pair of wings and I told everybody he was a bird dog. (I thought I was hilarious.)

This year, I got him this.

Bander’s looking pretty cute in his collar, no? I got it from an Etsy shop, mias closet – check out her stuff!

She even made a special one just for him, because as you can see from the pictures my beloved boy has a BIG GIANT HEAD.

He’s totally comfortable in it, too, just hangin’ out in the yard. She just might be dressing our dogchild for every holiday.

I can’t WAIT for people to come to our house.


agoodwitchtoo said...

What a beautiful dog! I too am baffled by Twitter... and regularly forget to do so!

Also, did a little PIF on my blog because your body butter is divine!

Tracy said...

Ooohh we are SO bringing Evan to trick or treat at your house this year! I gotta see this in person. :)

sisterofmagichands said...

I have to say, my nephew is looking pretty snazzy in his Halloween attire. Your nieces are going to be Disney Fairies. Tinkerbell and Silvermist. I am now going to start leaving comments for you quite regularly. The clumsy crafting gene apparently is inherited. I think I have completely deleted a couple of my fingerprints with crafting!!

Armi said...

Bander looks really cool in his Halloween attire! So if last year he was a "bird dog" with his wings, what is he supposed to be this year? Inquiring minds want to know, LOL! :)

Magic Hands said...

Armi, this year he's dressing as a big knucklehead. It's sort of his regular daily costume.

All trick or treaters are welcome at our house! Tell me your favorite candy and we'll stock up on it. :)


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