Monday, October 13, 2008

An Ill Wind

The Santa Ana winds are blowing today, and I am miserable.

For those of you who live in different areas, and have never experienced the joy of this weather, let me describe it. It’s a hot, dry, very intense windstorm. High pressure channels wind across the desert, where the moisture is sucked out, then down the mountains, where they pick up speed and get compressed so they get nice and hot. Then this hot dry demonic gust heads straight for me and turns my contacts into cornflakes.

It’s like standing in front of a big giant blowdryer for 72 hours or so.

The section of the desert it crosses must contain something I’m allergic to, because in addition to the crazy hair, parched lips and crispy contact lenses everyone else gets, I also get sinus problems and wild sneezing fits. And my head hurts.

I suppose it could be a cold. I haven’t had a head cold for five or six years now, so I have one coming. I’ve taken drugs to try and compensate, but they’re not working, except to sedate any brain cells I had left. There’s a shower room here at the office that has a nice armchair. Maybe I can lock myself in and take a nap. Hmmm…. I’m going to go hunt down a blankie. I’ll see you all later.


mrsbojangles said...

Wondering how you were doing out there. I keep hearing something about some fires and was wondering about you.


Magic Hands said...

Thanks for checking in, those fires are over 100 miles away, but my nose is hatin' on me anyway.

fetishghost said...

We have been windy up here in the central valley, but nothing near what you are dealing with. I don't miss the Santa Anna's at all. Hope they calm quickly and you feel better soon...

Tracy said...

OMG I can so relate. I have been in the throws of a rotten migraine since last night. I have taken the allowable amount of my migraine med and it hasn't helped. I want to cry.



Armi said...

Have you tried a humidifier or nasal saline spray? Another reason you might be feeling stuffy is that your sinuses are dried up from the dry heat and wind. Hope you feel better soon!


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