Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Busy Bee

Sorry I'm late, but I picked up an office temp job for a few days, and since the dog hasn't learned to make soap yet, the goldbricker, I was filing during the day and soaping at night and thus had no time left for blogging.

So, a couple of quick updates - one, we found a lovely little open field only a couple of blocks from our house that we walk the dog to, early in the morning. This is a good view of the bayou across the street from us (mostly it's blocked by houses).

The only odd thing was the moment when we figured out that it wasn't always an empty lot - it quite clearly used to have a house there, and I'll bet you five bucks that it was flattened by Hurricane Ivan. There's a lot immediately next to our house that has nothing left but a foundation and a sidewalk, and I'm sure that it was an Ivan casualty, too. We didn't realize how hard our neighborhood got hit. I can't tell if that makes me feel terrified, or comfortable because seriously, what are the odds that we'd get another direct hit like that?

Besides, I had to run from fires, and we missed the recent earthquake, so I'm prepared to flee storms if I have to. We got a piece of very useful advice from a native: "If it's over a Cat 3, take your kids and your wallet and run." Okey dokey!

And to end on a positive note, I know I showed you the tree in my front yard a few months ago. Here's the back yard tree, even bigger and a little more beautiful.

Just don't talk to me about rakes right now.


Tracy said...

I love that tree!

Joanna said...

Do the trees lose there leaves in northern Florida? Not really here... I mean some do, but not the big leaves, and then the wind just carries the little suckers away.

Nah CAT 3, I've been here for 2 of them. HARDY! They were on the low end, though.

CAT 4. That is flattening materiel. I am right out! They call it a CAT 4 in this neck of the woods and I am driving to your house!! :P

Magic Hands said...

Joanna, you are more than welcome to hide at my house! Unless it's headed here, and then I'm driving to you, lol.


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