Friday, April 23, 2010

Into each life....

Today I'm going to be loading tote boxes with product and piling them into the car, along with tents and tables. I'm getting ready to go do a weekend craft fair in Milton, Florida. Setup is tonight, and the show is Saturday and Sunday.

I've found a sitter for Bander, who will take care of him until I'm done, since Saturday is a long day - twelve hours. I take him with me to a lot of fairs and markets, but that's a long time for him to just sit there, wondering what the hell Mama is waiting for.

And guess what the weather prediction says?

That's right, ladies and gents, I'm going to go stand outside in the rain for twelve hours straight and see whether my tent attracts lightning.

But you gotta go try. Dammit.


Carla said...

Well my sister, I am sending you non-lightening vibes and crowds with fat wallets that all come and support you. I do 3-4 Markets a week year round and I know how hard that is to do, to make yourself go, knowing what the weather may be. I am hoping your efforts are vastly rewarded!!

Wonder Turtle Soaps said...

Hi, Magic Hands! Oh, dear, so sorry that the weather is not cooperating. I am in the Florida Panhandle, too (the Fort Walton Beach area). It's been gorgeous here for so long, why couldn't it have held out a couple more days? Maybe the weather won't be too terrible. Fingers crossed, hopefully Sunday will be a better day. Good luck - I'll be thinking about ya!


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