Monday, March 29, 2010


Well, the weekend was EXHAUSTING. Friday and Saturday I did the first live craft show I've done in years. And wow, are they tiring!

I did get to break out my new banner with the newly updated logo - here's a quick shot of the booth. I quite like it. Modern and funky, not as serious as the old one. I think it suits me more this way.

Now, I don't know what anybody else's sales technique is, but mine is talking. Talk talk talk talk talk. I talk to customers, other vendors, spectators, passersby, everybody. I don't even talk about soap, necessarily - this weekend I talked about finances, weather, bagpipes, Hawaiian music, dogs, belly dancing.... it was endless. I babble a whole lot. It's sort of stand up comedy crossed with street busking and a side of soap selling.

Bander went with me, since he's been having lots of anxiety and overreactions to noise - Jesse was busy and I couldn't leave the Bander-Boo by himself, so he hung out in the tent all weekend. As per usual, he was the most popular person at the festival. And he spent a good while barking at the bagpipe players, but by the end of it all he was taking everything in stride.

And we did pretty well sales wise, too - so overall a great success for both me and the dog. It's just that I'm out of small talk for the moment. I'll be back when I think of something important to say.


Meekiyu said...

Glad you had such a great time at the craft fair and with ya buddy too! I love the sign and your set up was very simple and nice =D Hope you super luck in your future craft shows =D

Suds to Love said...

Bander certainly is lucky to be able to hang out and meet all the people he wants to... want a great draw to the tent (your set up looks great!)!

Anne-Marie said...

Oh great! It's so nice that you had good sales (even with the exhaustion). I like your new banner too =)

rainnysunshine said...

Congrats on great sales, a great day, great company, great memorable moments and great chats because that's what creates memories, wonderful energy into the world and not to mention the aspect of networking. I love your soaps Jackie and I think you rock the cashbah!

Scented Candles said...

What a beautiful looking stall! Congrats on the sales


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