Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's About Fricken Time.

Well, I got the computer fixed.

First he slowed down. Then he hung up. Then, in his infinite wisdom, Calculon the Third (C3) decided it would be fun to turn off the sound. And as a last bit of defiance, he told our printer, Gutenberg, to stop the presses.

Now I know that some of you would say that I neglected the poor thing, and that really he was sick, and needed to be taken care of. I know that some of you will recognize these symptoms as some attention seeking cry for help. But the truth is, our machines are on a Machiavellian machination of machina ├╝ber alles. They hate us.

They're trying to kill us.


We've had more coffee machines than Angelina has had kids, hers or others. Jackie has been electrocuted by the crock pot. I've had various fingers almost severed by hovercraft, fans, and other sharp pointy electrical things. We may be the first people, ever, to hurt themselves with a clock radio not in a bathtub.


They're trying to kill us.



Kate8085 said...

hahahaha!! I believe it!
Our toaster oven is possessed, I swear!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the truth!!! All I have to do is look sideways @ anything electrical and it blows, I get blamed for everything that malfunctions @ my house, something about being too electrically charged when Aunt Flo comes to visit,insane right? but no one messes with me.....might blow up some appliance they like(smiling)


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