Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bite Me.

Well, crap.

I’ve managed to get behind on ranting again.

I had been putting off some long-needed dental surgery, because I was reserving money to make someone an offer. That fell through, so off to the periodontist I went, and had the surgery done.

I regret it, of course.

Let me start out by saying that I had somewhere between 25 and 30 shots before they even got started. I got twelve – TWELVE – shots in the roof of my mouth. I was a wreck before they even started the procedure.

With a wind-up that bad, you know the actual work was horrific. To keep from disgusting everyone, I will just say that it’s been two weeks and the sutures are really really bothering me, plus I am concerned because my supply of Vicodin is getting a bit low.

Furthermore, dammit, I am getting mighty tired of mashed potatoes and squishy overcooked pasta. I want some actual food, something I can – you should pardon the expression – sink my teeth into.

I want a crunchy salad.

I want a nice crusty loaf of French bread.

I want an apple, and my sympathies are completely with Barbossa when I watch Pirates of the Caribbean.

So I’m drugged and cranky. Jesse and the dog are both somewhat pleased about this, because the drugs slow me down and make me confused. So I haven’t found their new hiding place just yet.

I hate the damn dentist.


Kate8085 said...

Oh no! Sorry you are feeling so crappy.
I had a huge jaw surgery the year I graduated high school,(no boyfriends or partying for me!!!)and they put two screws in my face to wire my jaw shut.
I cannot stand jello, pudding, or mac and cheese till this day!!

sisterofmagichands said...

Just the thought of all those shots makes me want to throw up. Wish I could help you out!

Joanna said...

I totally get you.

Cinnameg said...

Wow, I thought 2-3 shots of freezing was bad... :(
Hope your mouth feel better soon - onward to eating crunchy things!


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