Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Really, I’m a Magpie

Today on the Etsy forums somebody asked if anyone was a hoarder. She was talking about her obsession with supplies, and how she couldn’t manage to give up her stash of beads. I felt an instant connection, and here’s why:

I have a fishing tackle box full of beads.
  • Do I make jewelry? No.
  • Do I make any sort of accessory? No.
  • Do I make clothing with lovely hand-beaded details? No.
  • Do I, in fact, make one single thing that uses beads in any way whatsoever?
  • Have I ever made EVEN ONE THING that uses a bead, anywhere, in any way?

I have carted this tackle box with me in moving from apartment to apartment to my house, and I refuse to get rid of it. It weighs a ton and there are probably spiders hiding in the back corners, but I have a big fit any time my husband suggests, gently, that I do away with the beads.

When I walk through craft stores, I have brief moments of desire in the bead aisle. My husband drags me away, pointing out that I already have plenty of beads. Usually he’s pulling me down the aisle at Michaels while my shoes sqeeeeeeeee in resistance, but he’s stronger than me so he wins. If he looks away for even an instant, I’m back in the aisle with the pretty shiny things that I want to buy because...


...ooooo, shiny!

Oh, and I was shopping for yarn today and I got all interested in some cool art yarn BECAUSE IT HAS BEADS IN IT. Yeah, that’s it! I’m not buying beads, I’m buying YARN. Shiny, twinkly, sparkly yarn!

I'm sorry, what was the question?


agoodwitchtoo said...

I have the same affliction when it comes to buttons and beads... I have yet to do anything with any of them... So I'm a magpie too :) And proud of it!

Tracy said...

Well I think we should make some things with the beads you have and this will justify you need to look at other new beads. :D

Suds to Love said...

Same problem with beads, buttons and scrapbook paper, let's just says that I can't get into the "craft" room.

sisterofmagichands said...

I suffer from this affliction also! I once made a pretty bookmark out of a metal hook and the beads hung from the end. It was awesome! You have to take into account the fact that I made A bookmark. I now have beads and wire and pliers and cutters and hooks and who knows what else, but I have a pretty bookmark. YAY ME!!!

Dawn said...

Okay, just tell me that seashell bead isn't in the tackle box with the spiders!...LOL!

Magic Hands said...

Ha, Dawn, the seashell bead is in a place of honor in my workroom. It's a good luck charm for me. :)

Spiders are.... well, when I meet one, neither one of us feels lucky.


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