Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year

Or Not.

It started as a happy new year – everyone got a little rest and got to eat cookies. I had a stretch of enforced relaxation – some of my raw materials were delayed by weather, so the soaping frenzy I had planned turned into long movies and rubbing the dog’s belly so much that I thought I was going to rub him bald.

Then I came back to my day job.


For starters, I was actually fielding lots of phone calls from home, because I’m generally busy over year end – so I came back to a billion skillion* e-mails. I’ve been catching up on those for the past three days.

The next bummer - my assistant has moved on to greener pastures. She and her husband have been planning to move to Utah, and she got a great new job there – so she gave her two-week notice just before Christmas, and smart chickie that she is, got lots of holiday time to pack her house. Today was her last day. (Bye, Nick! *sniffle*)

Nicolle has always been relentlessly cheerful, which was pretty funny considering how cranky I am, but we balanced each other nicely. Now I have to be grumpy all alone. Poo. I don’t have a new assistant yet, because …

Dark spot number three, another round of layoffs is upon us.

I guess they were being nice – I know they were avoiding trashing anyone’s Christmas – but still, I’m watching people who have been here for years, packing up personal belongings in cardboard boxes. I know a lot of these people well, and I keep thinking – “dang, her mom is having health problems and needs medical help” or “didn’t her husband just lose his job?”

Everybody is in a bind right now, and there weren’t ANY people who wouldn’t be hurt by this. Other people are being spread thinner to cover existing positions – my assistant opening will be covered by this kind of shuffle.


Three work days into the 2009, and it’s pretty grim.

Hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy year.

*somewhere between a million and a scallion.


Jane said...

It is hard right now. I have 3 good friends that have lost good jobs in the past month, jobs they've been at for years. Scary!

Lately I've been donating canned goods and newish looking clothes that will never fit me the way I want them to. I don't have much but I do have a little to spare! Except for my MHW soaps those are all mine!

Armi said...

Unfortunately, everyone's had to tighten their belt one way or the other with this recession, even the hospital I work at. A lot of my co-workers are even looking for second jobs just to supplement their income, but even that's slim pickings right now. It doesn't matter how good you are at what you do because there are just too many applicants for some places to choose from or they can't afford to hire anyone.

I'm donating a percentage of what little I earn to certain local charities, including one that benefits children with no healthcare coverage or who can't afford to have a procedure done even with coverage. Everyone needs to "pay it forward" because you never know when you might be in a similar situation...

That being said, I don't plan on giving up my MHW soaps either, but then I already have a stockpile, LOL! :)

cindy said...

We can relate. The company my husband works for is cutting back, he's worried. I haven't worked a "day job" since October and jewelry sales at my Etsy shop are too few and far between.

Nic said...

i'm sure going to miss you jackie!!! the best boss ever and now i have to actually start working! so not looking forward to that!!


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