Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Old Dog, New Tricks

When we got the Bander-Boo, he was terrified of cars. Since he's also afraid of rain, thunder, airplanes, being left alone, firecrackers, and Wes Craven films, this isn't a big surprise.

Well, we got the chance to take a drive just for funsies the other day. And you know, there's hope for Bander the Neurotic Wonder Dog yet. Because look at this:

Is this the face of somebody who's afraid of cars? No, in fact, this is the face of somebody who has figured out that we're in the drive-through waiting for cheeseburgers.

He didn't get one, don't be silly.

He gets McNuggets.


Joanna said...

Show 'em, Bander!


Joanna said...

Jackie, go look at this photo of what's inside the mcnugget and read my husband's blog:

Magic Hands said...

Good lord, Jo, I am speechless. That pink stuff is.... um. Ew.

Anonymous said...

Bander sure looks happy. That looks like a smile.


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