Saturday, October 9, 2010


Well, I announced this in my newsletter, so I guess it's time to put something on the blog. Just to make it official in multiple places.

I'm closing up shop at the end of the year.

I realize that this has gone through the grapevine and might not be news, but I also keep getting messages from people who want to know WHY, so I suppose I can explain a bit.

I had originally planned to make soap full time. And for the first half of the year, that's exactly how life went. Then came the oil spill, and the economic blow to the community. Long story short, I got a full time day job.

So Jesse and I are both working full time, and I was back to running the soap business at night. Which is exactly what I did for the nine years before this.

And perhaps you see the problem before I saw it. I pretty much chucked everything and changed my whole life, moved from one coast to the other, all so I could have a life instead of the endless round of work/sleep/work that California had become.

I needed some time to live, to enjoy my wonderful hubby. To pet the dog until I wore the fur right off him. Maybe take a walk, or have a day off. What was the point of this big move if I was going to be locked in either the office or the soap room every single day?

Don't get me wrong, I'll miss the business. But I'm missing my life. And I can always start another business, while this one life is all I'm going to get. So one job, with a little massage on the side (something else I miss doing, and have no time for right now) - that's a schedule that allows me some time to breathe.

And sit.

And possibly read a book.

Or work on a painting.

Or do a little sewing.

I'll spend the next couple of months using up the materials I have on hand, and selling off the ready stock, and then I'm going to sit in the park and watch Bander chase squirrels.

It sounds completely peaceful.


FuturePrimitive said...

good for you. i wish you happiness x

cindy said...

I'm sorry to hear this, but you have to do what's right for you. Best wishes for a happy life!
I'd better stock up on some soap!

Carapace said...

Too bad your life's gotten so hectic; but at least you've got the sense to refocus before it kills you! Hope you'll have time to keep crafting for fun, though-- and maybe someday, we'll see you again on Etsy!

Wonder Turtle Soaps said...

Sorry to see the Magic Hands Workshop go, but I totally understand what you're saying. Best wishes to you, and enjoy!

Vivianne said...

Not an easy choice - but enjoy your decision to the fullest :-) Congratulations :-)

Joanna said...

I got your soaps today (happy dance!)... Smell lovely! Good thing I got them before you stop making them, genius.

Call me chica!

Joanna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Danica said...

I thought I was having a really crap year with everything and now to make it worse...your leaving?

Oh sweets- you have always been my inspiration. My most favorite soap of anyone's. When I was sick- I thought about making soap and your bars got me through. Your scents soothed me more than anyone else.
Your recipe made my chemo tolerable with my skin.

I don't know you well other than a few sales but I wish you all the best! I will have to stock up though and will do so soon.

Love ya girlfriend and thanks for everything you have done for me without knowing it!

Take care of yourself and hey if ya ever want to share the to die for recipe- I'll pay you for it! :)

Be well and good luck- this is really a shame and a true loss to the soaping world.

Danni aka Stinkydancer


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