Friday, July 17, 2009

Truth in Adverti-zing

My darling husband is a bonafide crazy.

He's risked his job more than once for the sake of pulling a sophmoric prank.

One of his proudest moments was in the early years of his career in industrial mechanics, at a factory which produced a particular national brand of pudding cups.

This day, butterscotch was the flavor in process. Mr. Husband had to do some routine testing on the printers in the packaging department, and while he was there, decided to do some creative editing. Thank Goodness nobody took notice, because for the rest of the day, the flavor printed on the pudding cups read: "BUTTERCROTCH".

We still have a roof over our heads!


Tracy said...

OMG He is very naughty! I am telling DH becasue he'll get a great laugh over this!

SuaVoce said...

haha just came across this post kinda randomly. Got a good laugh!

Anonymous said...


Jane said...



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