Saturday, April 18, 2009

What'cha Makin'?

Well, as usual, I've been so busy I'm crazed. But here's the update on what I've been doing, and what's on the curing rack: Zen Tea, Wildwood Rose, Almond Cocoa Butter, Gardner's Soap and Ginger Silk:

I'm searching for new stuff for summer more updates on that, soon! Now I'm off to stamp and wrap and slice.


Rainny said...

Hello There Magic Hands Workshop!!

So I stumbled on your SNS sale with the soapie, lip balm, polish or butter for under eleven buckaroos! From that whimsical stumble I found your blog!

Oh my gawsh, I love this posting. It's so true. All around us are grumpy wonky-choppiness!! You said it!! You nailed it! And I loved it!

I tell my teenage daughter this all the time that when shit happens: It ain't about us. And when it is trust me, we'll know so f'get about stuff that's temporary from things and people that have nothing to do with us nor we with them. Our patience, empathy and compassion are the only true weapons we have while tryin' to make the magic still happen in our everyday life.

So many of life's doldrums slides off of us like creamy suds in a warm shower and ain't that lovely? I believe strongly in the Art of Happiness and detachment. Creation and laughing. Thanks for that awesome post.

I've been dying to indulge in your soaps as I'm a soap junkietier and there's so much stuff on Etsy that I get "shoptracked!" Thanks again for the words of magic from the hands that loves their own personal journey!! It's evident in your creations. Off to your shop I goooooo!!! ~<]:o)+K

FuturePrimitive said...

Those look so lovely. Llove the gardeners soap. I recently made one which looks quite similar, except mine has a yellow top as I used a Kumquat fragrance.
Your soaps really stand out. Love 'em.


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