Friday, January 15, 2010

Detours and Delays

I know, I said the store would be open again by now, or within a day or two. So of course this post is a list of excuses and reasons that I was wrong.

First, when you move long distance, it only makes sense to move the minimum amount of stuff possible. So the cupboards are bare around here. I ran through all the raw materials before we left, then sold off all the stock, so I'm starting over.

Most of the suppliers I use were closed until the first week in January - so I couldn't even order anything until then. Things are arriving now - we've had a parade of trucks dropping pallets in the driveway, which is of great interest to all the neighbors and has given me plenty of time to practice with the hand truck.

And then there's the ergonomics of setting up the workspace. Deciding what goes where takes a few attempts and plenty of shuffling, either moving big heavy boxes and pails or lots of little tinkly glass bottles full of expensive essential oils.

And the dehumidifier should be arriving in a few days. It wasn't in stock, of course, but it's a necessity here in Florida. Oh, and the office has to be organized. And all the business paperwork has to be terminated in California and re-filed in Florida.

It's like starting over from scratch, really. And I'm old and slow. But I'm pushing, hard, and I'll be back as soon as I can. Really really.


cindy said...

How's it going with the neighbors?

Magic Hands said...

I haven't killed any children. Yet. Although I'm thinking about building a gingerbread house with a GREAT BIG OVEN. Heh.

Liz D said...

As long as you have Lemony Snickets curing, it's all good!

Joanna said...

goodness I left a comment.. did it go into outerspace? My computer just froze..

Joanna said...

It did. It got munched.

My comment was too long anyway... Welcome to Florida. Been here for 6 years and as a transplant (NYer) life here is VERY different. Laws, behavior, attitude.

Oh things are strange here, but there are some amazing and wonderful things here as well and we take full advantage of them.

sorry you have to deal with those kids. just keep your kiddies away from you and buy some ear plugs and your good to go ;0)

need a FL ear? I'm here

xo Joanna

Joanna said...

sorry, not away from you, keep your kids away from them. MUST GET MORE COFFEE, clearly!

Dana said...

Jackie!!! You moved! You did it ... you moved and wow, it's been like, forever!!!

I thought I'd stop in to say hello ... I hope you're doing well and that life in your new place is treating you better than it was a few weeks ago ... you know, with the neighbor kids and all. ;~)

Take care!
Dana (aka MoonMaiden)

Body Scrub said...

Really enjoyed this post!


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