Saturday, December 5, 2009

We're on the Road to Morocco, D - 2

Less then 48 hours.

A third of the pod is loaded; all the non-furniture pre-boxed stuff that was ready when it arrived yesterday. We also got all of the workroom torn down and boxed, the half the bedroom and some of the garage.

We've been testy, argumentative, conciliatory, happy, grumpy, testy and occasionally at odds with each other. Mostly, its the bottleneck of this-or-that bric-a-brac that cries out to be done first, and foremost. You know, chicken or egg arguments in this true life scale Tetris game.

Today we tackle the big furniture, and all the cubby-hole items. I hope that one of us is still alive to pick up the dog tonight.

Yes, we sent him to daycare, because he lost his shit with all the ins and out and 'what? No walks this time?' that happened yesterday.

I mean, he has a nervous breakdown anytime we rearrange the furniture, so can only imagine the horrors that are racing through his mind as everything inside gets crammed into an even smaller house that is the pod.


I'd post pics, but I don't think 'Picture of Disarray' is all that interesting.

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