Monday, March 2, 2009

The Swarm

I finally got enough samples together to put soap sample packs back up on my Etsy site. And you know what? Apparently people were waiting, because I’m getting swarmed like somebody wearing bacon underwear at the zoo. Four slices of soap in each package, and I’ve just had the fourth convo of the day with people who want three and four at a time.

So samples will be GONE soon.

Also, I had a batch of Arrogant Bastard beer soap listed, and it sold out in under 48 hours. It took a month to cure the damn thing, and I was out again before the weekend was over.

You people are NOT helping my to-do list.


christy//pippin, turtle, and ava said...

But Jackie, samples are perfect for so many things!

Like me, who can't ever decide what scent she wants to use so has six open soaps in the bath at any given time.


Meekiyu said...

lolol I'm sure you secretly love it though the idea of wearing bacon underwear seems a bit uncomfortable. I think sample soaps are great! Who wouldn't want to buy a soap named Arrogant Basterd? I may need to buy them for my bf. =D

Julie and Patrick said...

It's my fault...I know. I am the proud new owner of quite a few Arrogant Bastards! :) I couldn't help are just TOO GOOD, Jackie! :)

Magic Hands said...

okay, I'm BUSTED. I can't honestly complain about customers shopping, can I?

It's just the lazy sod in me that thinks life should be easier. Ha!


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