Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Eat Fresh, buy local

There are definitely some perks about living in San Diego County. For one thing, the weather is outrageously nice, and for another, the produce is fab.

Our nearby farmer’s market recently expanded and was finally able to add some new booths, and I’m really grooving on some of the stuff we found on our last visit. I should start by saying that this trip was made Saturday, November 1.

First, we have a big table of persimmons. I didn’t know what to do with them, so I didn’t get any – I can always pick some up next week. Notice the thongs on the shopper at the right of the picture. Those of you in some frozen wasteland can curse me if you want to.

There are also some REALLY GOOD GRAPES that are still in season. I got a couple pounds of these. Yum!

I also got some fresh guavas, a few oranges, and a couple of passionfruit.

There were two other major scores for the day – some homemade jellies (apricot, plum, blackberry and fig) and tomatoes for Jesse’s secret pasta sauce. This is what our tomatoes look like, all year long.

I should have taken more money.

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